This Mud House in India Is One of the Best Places to Stay At

MudHouse Marayoor is one of the most beautiful and traditionally designed mud houses in India that gives the pleasure of Nature while comforting our thoughts through simplicity.

Mud House In India

The everlasting unseasonable nostalgic smell from clay, a fiery and gentle touch of mother earth every time you step on the floor, untextured sooty vibrant reflections through, and warm never-ending comfort through the serene and calm surroundings is the initial experience of living in a mudhouse. The long-meaningful conversations, laying on the Indian khat while gazing at the exquisite stars shown during the night through the open terrace of the mudhouse is the showstopper of staying in sustainable means through ancient Indian style. Sometimes all you wish is to escape all the utterly nonsense things going around, stress or frustration from what you can’t control, but you don’t find the means to do it. Let me pour you the secret of acting in such a situation. Find a perfect place in nature. You might be thinking about whether it works, but my pals, it does. Honestly, when sometimes I run out of money and still wish to change something from my usual routine or to get fresh air, guess what I do? I hike or visit my nearby villages. Every time I do that, I have new energy inside, lasting for many days and helping me focus better. If you think things are not going your way, there is too much on your plate, or your extensive efforts introduce you to very brief things, trust me and change the place for a few days. But this time, let us not go to some 7-star hotels or lavish stays, instead find a place to explore and experience life. Please don’t be confused about finding one since I am here to assist you as usual. If the article starts to sound dramatic and philosophical to you, some of you know that I do that because of my new classes! Allow me to take you to a place visually for this time that will fill your body with a vibe. The Mudhouse Marayoor is an Air Bnb mud house in India which allows you to stay between nature in the most sustainable way.

I must let you know that this is not sponsored, but an amusing one, which I found.

The Exteriors, Ambience Brings Joy.

Upon entering, you will find an environment filled with lush green vegetation. The completed thatched roof, mud walls with earthen floorings, and durable-sustainable fencing is the place for your perfect staycation. There are wooden benches so that you enjoy the late candlelight coffee or dinner. I would like to tell you the basis of decorating these plain wall houses. To make the house look beautiful back in the day, people made figures and rangolis out of white chalk, and living in an old Indian house will make you feel the same way you sense here.

Now that you already know the exteriors let us go inside.

The Bedroom, the Easiest Painkiller Through Comfort.

The lavish bedroom has a wooden ceiling in a sophisticated manner, allowing good texture and contrast to the plain brownish walls and floorings. The hanging bed with ropes was always my dream that the bedroom fulfils. The adorable high-stretched windows allow the sunlight and a soft breeze to pass in the room. There lies a carpet which fills the space with a new colour and vibrancy. Colourful drawings adorn the walls to promote Indian culture and craftsmanship. The old-fashioned use of soft lanterns for more light is still available today. The bedroom of this mud house in India perfectly blends tradition with modernism.

The Bathroom, Because It Is Never Enough for Warm Baths.

For me, a bathroom is a peaceful place, and maybe this is the reason, I emphasize it too much. Here there is an open ceiling shower with taps and brass buckets. Essentially called Ghadas, it serves; both as a means for fetching and storing water from lakes. The antique brass mirror is a fantastic choice to embrace the place. Moreover, a rock sheet allows you to bathe for longer than in a hot tub since it soots your feet. If you are more inclined towards the restroom in a place, give me a fist bump, and go on for staying here.

Open bathroom of the Mud House Marayoor

Why Do I Like This?

There are never enough moments to embrace nature by living in it. The earlier traditions of India always allow one to see things differently, and so is the mudhouse.

I admire the house’s sobriety, simplicity and beautiful decoration made with sustainable materials. Which aspect of this mud house in India do you find most appealing? Let me know in the comments. And if you wish to read more about mudhouses, I have an epic article for you here.

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to writing another article sooner.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Where is the MudHouse Marayoor located?

The MudHouse Marayoor is located around the landscapes of Sahayadri, Munnar, Kerala, India. The stay is 15 minutes away from Marayoor on Munnar-Marayoor road and 20 minutes away from the Chinnar wildlife sanctuary and the Thoovanam waterfalls.

What types of rooms are available at the MudHouse Marayoor? How can I book?

The MudHouse Marayoor has eight properties located on the same land. The owner has distributed them in three types- Adobe, ideal for small families; cob, ideal for a couple; and a treehouse with a private balcony to enjoy panoramic views. You can book a stay through Airbnb or by getting in touch with the owner on WhatsApp.

What are the amenities available at the MudHouse Marayoor?

The amenities available at the MudHouse Marayoor include breakfast, free Wifi, barbecue utensils, first aid, lake access and much more.

How much does the MudHouse Marayoor cost?

The MudHouse Marayoor starts at ₹8,000 and can range up to ₹40,000 per night, depending on the property you choose.

What are the check-in and check-out timings of the MudHouse Marayoor?

The check-in and check-out timing of The MudHouse Marayoor is 1 PM and 11 AM, respectively. According to their Airbnb listing, one can self-check in at the respective time with staff.

Is parking available at the MudHouse Marayoor?

Free parking is one of the amenities of the MudHouse Marayoor.

Is the MudHouse Marayoor pet friendly?

The MudHouse Marayoor doesn’t allow pets.

What is the cancellation policy of the MudHouse Marayoor?

According to the official website, the owners agree to a 90% refund and free date alteration 14 days before check-in; a 50% refund with no date alteration 7 days before check-in; however, no refund and date alteration are offered within 7 days. In case of state-wide lockdown or travel restrictions, the MudHouse Marayoor agrees to alter the date and provide you with a voucher or a complete refund.

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