This Private Airbnb With Pool Is a Luxury Treat for Summers

Casa Patchouli is an exceptional private Airbnb in Mexico and an ideal destination for a summer retreat complete with a private pool and cozy interiors.

Private Airbnb

Amidst the hectic work life, when I sneaked into the mirrors of vacations, all I could think about was where to stay. In the scrolling screen of Air BnB’s, I found one place that is a silent and marvelous fit for your next vacation. I can’t wait to introduce you to the Design Casa Patchouli, a private Airbnb in Tulum, Mexico. You might be thinking about what is so incredible about the place, but pal, don’t worry, you will find the dazzling points by reading further.

It is a formidable apartment exclusively hosted by Arturo. Before discussing its beauty in-depth, allow me to quote something from my diary, “The place where stoicism ceases to exist in my life of running is just before where I follow the streams of suffering.” It was when the philosophy of suffering hit me. Well talking about places of cherished and fun, one must reflect on the hard feelings to vent them out purely after they come back from the vacation. Without thinking more, let’s begin with our article.

I am starting with my favorite spot in this private Airbnb apartment, which is the pool with the sitting area. The rock wall that welcomes us with the feeling of cave architecture is the first point where my sight goes. The lush green plants are an addition to defining their extreme beauty. The sitting corner includes a comfortable sofa with a classic headlamp and an aesthetic table with a few candles. The color accents of white walls go smooth with the contrasting ottomans and even the plant pots. The spacious place is perfect for chilling and sunbathing.

Entering the glass panels from right in front of the pool, you will be coming to the living room cum kitchen. The white accents of the walls and flooring articulate the minimalism factor here. The contrasting fabric of the luxurious L-sitter sofa is taking all the limelight. With the small coffee table and dining table with designer chairs, the space is bright and calm. Spotlights mounted on the ceiling contribute to the smoky atmosphere in the room. A small kitchen cabinet is furnished with raw wood accents and contains essentials such as a toaster, a brewer, and an icebox for a comfortable stay. The serving dishes on the wall racks of the kitchen add glamour to the muddy walls of the room. The vessels are worth noticing because they exemplify the boldness of the space. A spacy and airy living room is a place to enjoy your evening and meals.

On the stairs to the back of the sofa, you will find a snug bed with two table lamps and a TV. The nighttime with long conversations with your partner looks beautiful here, enjoying the scene of the luxury pool. You can imagine waking up from the reflection of the swimming water on your ceiling. There is excellent ventilation to make your sleep well. I can already imagine spending a day there.

The spacious bathroom fills itself with natural light. While taking a shower, you can enjoy the view of the pool through the glass panels with a black border. It has a modern vanity and taps, which fulfill the minimalistic bathroom goals.

Why We Loved It?

My love for this private Airbnb is because of the minimalist space it offers with the luxury pool and coastal vibes. Besides, the unpretentious decor of the well-arranged place had just thrived my heart. The warm and modest lighting is perfect for romantic vacations. I indeed wish to be here. What do you think of this space?


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