This Private Villa in Bali May Become Your Romantic Dream.

This beautiful villa in Bali by The Young Villas will solve all your issues of finding a property with a private pool and a significantly large living area to make you feel home in the Indonesian city.

The private villa in Bali with a pool

Beaches and sunlight are the perfect vacation boon companions. While you are ready with your outstanding beach wear and sunscreen, your e-ride is almost there to pick you up. Before we discuss the beach surroundings, tell me, what is the first destination you thought of? With infinite witch powers, I am trying to guess and read your mind. Is the witch spell sounds like abra ka Debra? You might be thinking how bad this humour can turn out. But wait, is it Bali? If your answer is yes, thanks to my numb and utterly irrelevant instance technique to read your mind. We often think of long vacations near the poolside bedroom on one of the famous beach destinations. So, to pull out from your bedding to get you packed for a long holiday, I have a perfect private villa in Bali whose interiors will fascinate you. And the fun part is those who are too lazy to travel like me can have a beautiful visual tour of the place. Let us begin!

It would be helpful if I told you where our virtual private villa in Bali is named before we embark upon our tour. It is The Young Villas, Villa 3.

Visiting the Young Villas in Bali.

Who Says No to a Private Pool in Bali!

A shimmering water pool greets you as soon as you enter the villa. On its shores, there are jute lounge chairs, filling enormous texture with a rawness to the poolside area. The rock fencing to separate the long palms and the pool area is a noteworthy point here. When you move forward, there is a sitting area with wooden flooring and gapped ceilings, allowing natural light to pamper your skin. The green leaf allows the nature illuminance to reflect better in the surroundings. The peace radiating white sitting with leather covers adds an extra appeal to the area. The raw finish coloured table is all you have for a tipple drink or coffee. Even bald dancing for the ones who choose to dare among you on the top of the table is not a bad idea. The eye-catching artefact is the lamp above the table that provides warmth and a soothing texture to the space.

All You Need Is a Comfortable Living Room.

Through the mesmerising exteriors of the villa, you enter the living area of the place through the long sliding glass doors. Using black boundaries over it adds a vibrant contrast to the particular. While you have fresh air through the window cum doors, you can enjoy the cuddle moment on the long white snuggling sofas. The lower furniture use is an approachable way of friendliness which soothes the aroma of the villa through its warmth. In the white space, a stone-surfaced bamboo table and a mat do a spectacular job of addition of colours. Behind the ottomans, you can see a passageway filled with green palms on either side of the pool area. The hanging pendant lights, throw blanket, and cushions are the sources of comfort plus colour.

The wall opposite the glass doors has clay objects. These artefacts develop a superior look to the minimalistic spaces.

Dining Area and Kitchen Welcome Your Appetite.

Adjoining the living area, a kitchen and dining area at a relatively higher platform completes the space of this private villa in Bali. A large wooden platform with dapper elevated chairs functions the uses of a dining area. While you cook in the kitchen, you even hear all the rumoured gossip from people sitting in the dining area. The kitchen cabinets have a dark wood finish, so the colours glow differently in the white space. Further, the bamboo pendant lights above the dining area and the features filled in the vase fill the layout with an organic feeling.

Kitchen of The Young Villas with a wooden platform containing a basket of pineapples and open layout

A Good Night’s Sleep in a Snuggling Bedroom.

The main bedroom holds the consistency of interior design with the same white walls and the use of organic fibre pendant lights. The large mirror reflects the natural light, which also turns the space moderately colossal than it is. The best part of the bedroom is the desk adjoining at the back side, which allows you to read a book or work while staycationing. The carpet and abstract painting further add colours to the space. Not just the comfy bed but the whole area provokes a good sleep.

Master bedroom of The young Villas

The additional door adds a texture to the area, and the same goes for the artefacts belonging to in-space shelves.

A Great Looking Guest Room Is Not Easily Found.

Personally, I loved the guest bedroom more than the main suite. The presence of the same theme but a slightly different approach with a side view of the plants through glass windows is a great idea here. The use of a mirror in the front of the bed allows spaciousness in the room. Extending your sight, there is a separate desk and chair where you can enjoy an epic read, enjoying the lush views of plants and soft music. The bedside pendant lamps, desk lamps, and pot of plant add more texture through their original raw fibre finish.

Guest room of private villa in Bali

Perfect Bathroom Does Exist!

Before we check the pictures, I wanted to confess to you about something. Before I check in at any place, the bathroom matters to me more than even the suite. It may be funny, but trust me, a good bathroom is a sign of hygiene and a perfect stay reason. Here the walls are of tiles with grey flooring. I think I need not explain the whole bathroom area, but instead, I should tell you the better part. The use of abstract paintings is a terrific idea, I must say, since bathing while sightseeing is no less than therapy.

The Best Place to Stay in Bali for Couples?

This private villa in Bali resembles peace and tranquillity through its beautiful interiors. I loved the concept of blending sustainable fibre lights with clay objects for better colours for the surroundings. The palms are peace-loving creatures that fill the entire area with grace and love. If you are still fighting for a better vacation, then probably this tour will help you to decide.

Tell me about your last trip in the comments below, and what you think of this Bali villa.

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