Casa Camino: A Rustic Style House You Can’t Miss Staying At

Casa Camino is one of the latest developments by Borgo Gallana. A rustic style house that takes you off the world and connects through its warmth.

Rustic Style House

We all need to get some fresh air sometimes, especially when we are living in a fast-paced society and facing strenuous situations. No matter how upset you feel with your partner or how mishandled sensitive family reunions are, how frustrated you are with your work or any other kind of erotic drama, one day, you will stand up and walk around your house to figure out what you need to do to blow everything out and start new. If that point is anywhere nearer to you right now, hold on to it and find a fresh atmosphere for a few days. C’mon, not every time fast running, eat sleep repeat routine or focussing on something else will work. It may be necessary to breathe in some fresh air, listen to a good song, eat a regional dish, or walk in a chaotic street in a new place to cope with certain days. Although I am not a perfect counsellor for everything, I do feel it sometimes, and the safest move from my side is what I present in the article through a conversational approach. Well, as I mentioned the importance of reviving yourself with new energy through a gateway or staycation, I already found you the beautiful place to fit your few restless days. Before we start on the article to discuss this rustic style house and see its insides with mesmerisingly comfy architecture, let me tell you one more thing. Most of the time, I am funny with my conversations and try to make the most of the reading time, but this time I followed with a quite different approach. As most of you already know, I always try to carry a conversation based on the minds of my neighbours or surrounding people; this time, I dealt with a few uncommon things. So, let us appreciate the opposite circumstances with patience too, and start moving with our article now. Just a source of less gossip and more familiarity with the emotional side!

We are looking at the Casa Camino, a rustic style house located in Brindisi, a region of Apulia in Southern Italy. Starting from the exterior, this is an independent stay with lush greenery around it with a few trees on the porch. The place is in the countryside, which means you have a chance to live unhurriedly in the natural life with exposure to the rich cultural life of Brindisi. Let us enter the space and start checking the living area.

Taking You to the Casa Camino, a Rustic Style House in Brindisi.

The Living Area.

A minimalist blackish boundary glass door welcomes you into a vast, inviting space. With the white colour on the walls, the living room is well-lit and appears more substantial than it normally would. Additionally, the roofs are higher, further making it appear mammoth, and the curved style corners are worth noticing.

Entrance of the rustic style house Casa Camino

The designers have given careful consideration to the minimalist rustic interior design. The small side table with wooden blemishes and textures adds colour to the corner. Further, the potteries used here near the fireplace and over the side table are worth noticing. If you look closely, the black colour of the fireplace makes the living area feel homely and completely natural with its imperfections. When seen in proximity, you witness that the nearest walls still have imperfections, which enhance the feeling of intimacy and groundedness.

Fireplace of Casa Camino a rustic style house

With the two-sided utility space, you see a beautiful white comfy sofa paired with a vintage receptacle with books over it. As you look at the opposite side, the rustic mint green table with discolourations and dark brown top complements the woven seating of the sleek chairs beautifully. As far as I could see there are tin jars of cream colour over the top, making it homely. One most crucial things here is the absence of doors which means there is so much flow of air that there is no chance of any kind of suffocation. Also, no blockages enhance the proximity to the generation of creative thoughts, which is a good sign. Now while you enjoy your coffee and breakfast at dining, let us move to the kitchen. Before we switch to our next spot, let me tell you one thing that I wish to do in this rustic style house. In front of the door, there are probable chances that I will put down my cosy beautiful travel-friendly rug and enjoy book reading while bathing in the sunlight.

Minimalist rustic interior design Living and dining area of Casa Camino


The kitchen interiors are simply elegant with a focus on the essential and decluttered things. There is a sleek and modern designed black table lamp over the stand, making it a contemporary style. The granite kitchen top extends the homeliness of the area. You can not neglect the small silverish window, giving you a chance to peek outside. The vintage brass tap is a careful selection here, adding a visual weightage to the area. Everything here is so balanced that none of the components or elements can provoke your thoughts or mind in either direction. The furnishing complements itself with the colour of the walls and the cutlery. I would love you to make some fluffy pancakes and coffee while enjoying a conversation with your partner.

Kitchen platform of Casa Camino


We have finally made our way to the bedroom of this rustic style house, our final destination. The open window cum doors are the perfect addition to space with a chance to star gaze or enjoy sunrises while lying in bed. The curved arches from side walls are maintained throughout the area while neglecting a chance to empty corners. A sleek silver chair and a black floor lamp on the side fulfil the design theme while serving its purpose of utility. And as you enjoy the visual beauty, there is a comfy bed waiting for you for so long.

This rustic style house has several attractive amenities like an outdoor bath tub to enjoy some private moments in the air with your partner while you listen to the Perfect song by Ed Sheeran. Just ridiculing! Well, we are already at the end of this mesmerising place, and all I need to say is that give yourself some time and enjoy having the time you deserve!

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