Shelf Styling: 7 Easy Steps to Plan a Look of the Lifetime

Shelf Styling gains its importance from its function of providing storage & accenting the decor. Here are a few tips to follow and decorate.

Shelf Styling

A successful home decor guide is not limited to presenting an idea that looks beautiful. Instead, it showcases it with the finest collaboration of design and utility. In my previous articles, I have always emphasized designing a home with practicality rather than just useless spending. In my perspective, to make any work exceptional, you need to solve a problem with creativity, or you are just hunting a shadow and not the substance. Now, many designers do not make a hit with their designs as they don’t blend these two factors. In search of the appropriate fusion of these two factors, I decided to hunt down the internet for proper tip-guided shelf styling and decor. Apparently, I landed on a page with just words and no significance. For a moment, I thought it may only be one of the trafficked pages on the web, and there might exist ones with importance to the reader. Amusingly, I was living a dream. It is too much to ask for results achieving information these days on the web. You may ask, what am I offering to be so critical and bitter about others’ work? For starters, I am laying out information for your home, independent of its decor style. Or should I say that I am just pouring you the magical tips of shelf styling which would make your space look apart with impeccable utility. So, let’s start!

Tips on Styling Shelves Like a Pro.

1. Analyze Your Interiors.

As promised, this read will focus on your interiors and how to utilize the different articles to complement your shelf styling. Firstly, you need to know that any shelf adapts to the nature of the room, meaning that you need to style your shelves according to the space they occupy, i.e., bedroom, living room or kitchen. To simplify, I will categorize the thoughts you must consider before hopping on to the later steps.

For a bedroom, most people require to keep things sweet and simple. By this, I mean these accessories or objects should have a value and decorative nature and also provide a means to relax your mind. Some of these things can be books, objects that have value to your life or inspire you in one way or another, a framing that makes you happy or motivated, a good Feng shui plant, a soft light beside the shelves to pick things without lighting the whole room and lastly free space where you can keep your phones to sleep away from distraction. I have seen several ideas to add warmth to the room by having a few candles on these shelves.

Bedroom styling shelves
By @captainkl / Instagram

A living room shelf is one of the only corners where you get to exhibit your artistic nature while acquiring the space with things you need in your daily life. So know your personality and let it pour through the objects in your interiors. If you are looking for the appropriate design of shelves for your living space, I am giving you a few tips. For instance, you can decorate your living space by hanging shelves from wall to floor filled with easy-to-find items, which also tell a bit about your personality. Remember that the living area is all about your identity and not anything personal!

Living room shelves
By Fogia

Coming on to my favourite room, Kitchen shelves are supposed to be the most resourceful and appealing. The best way of styling shelves of the kitchen is through the herb pods and some of the legendary spices books. There are other ways of making out of most from your kitchen shelves through cute or standard storage or books but none of them is as useful as those amazing herb pods, which timely give you mint, cilantro, and rosemary at need.

Kitchen shelf styling
By Unknown Author | Via Balcony Garden Web

2. Nordic Ceramics Is a Grandstand.

For some of us, our living and dining area are the same, so the best shelf is the exhibition of the colourful and luxurious Nordic ceramics, a reflection of the highly refined European taste you cherish. You can check a few stores like NordicNest, Beekindled and The White Company London for excellent ceramics, crockeries and glasses. Previously I have drafted an article on home decor websites; you can also refer to it. Getting back to our tip, you can coordinate the colour scheme of these home dining sets with your home and get a shelf ready.

Ceramic shelf decor
By Oezlem Oezsoy

3. Making a Botanical Illustration.

One can always use different varieties of preserved or fresh flowers for a refreshing shelf styling. Ideally, they should be located near windows with fresh air and sunlight, or you should use plant lights if there is no natural light. Now, these can be in clay pots as they will exemplify your space with thoughts, ideas and simplicity. In any case, you can choose ceramic pots and jute holders and enjoy the scent and look of fresh flowers.

Plant Shelf Styling
By love & renovations

4. Give a Robotic Touch.

Try this tip if you are bored with conventional shelf styling and would like something special which adheres to the laws of physics. No to Globe or a robotic figurine, which looks ordinary in lieu, you can go for a robotic arm, smaller telescope, trash machinery compact marvel action heroes (DIY), and books on the research of concepts of physics and even an equation of time and motion or space and time. Your taste and intellect will dictate what you should try next.

Modern shelf styling
By Studio McGee

5. Make a Homely Vibe.

I have noticed several times that people put tens of photos, plants, toys, and books all piled up on one shelf, unable to focus on anything in particular. It makes it cluttered and does not give a single direction of energy. So to overcome this kind of problem when you are overwhelmed with every single object to include in your space, I have put this tip. Now see each rack on your shelf must consist of odd-numbered 3, 5 or 7 items to maintain their direction of sense. I am adding a picture below so that you get an idea of a balanced shelf styling layout through picture frames and other objects.

By The Interior Design Assistant
Styling shelves with books and picture frames and objects

6. Try the Minimalist Technique for Embracing Emptiness.

Honestly, I never liked the concept of minimalism, but I was surprised to see its beauty, when it came to styling shelves, so it was a must to add this tip. Take an easy shelf of three columns, combine a desk over it suspended over the wall and use your rack as a utility plus decor. The minimalist decor should include a ceramic or glass vase with dried flowers diagonally and 2-3 books with porcelain bowls. And, of course, you can replace these dried flowers with fresh ones if you are really a believer of feng-shui. You can experiment with minimal designs, and for that you need only three things: bowls or dishware, flowers, and vessels. That’s it, and your shelf styling will become one of a kind!

Minimalist shelf styling
By Prat Living

7. Let Your Art Speak!

Art with decor is my favourite tip because it illuminates the entire space, fulfilling every requirement of the interiors. Add a little shelf with a few books and a piece of baroque or abstract art to fill your entire wall. Then, complement it with table lights and modular chairs alongside. And your shelf styling is more than a favorite storage spot.

Shelf styling through wall art
By François Halard

Final Words.

For now, I think you have managed enough ideas for an epic shelf styling, but hey, there is no bound to creativity. Thus, you must experiment with colours, articles, and accents to create an attractive shelf.


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