This Stone House Design is One Stop for Peace & Comfort

HW Studio’s latest project is a stone house design that enjoys the landscape views and an eye pleasing interior design.

Stone house design

One of my closest friends and I were happily dishing the dirt on our former dumb classmates and spending our afternoon totally unproductive. Perhaps this might trigger emotions in some of you about how I could engage myself in such bullish or totally absurd jobs and how unthoughtful of me to boast about it. But, hey, let me convey my message. As a result of irregular timing in work, my entire weekends and days were spent doing chores, and I feel like it really drained me of energy. Thus, the best way to jump-start my brain and fill me with a bucket of new zeal was to take a day off and have proper rest, but I didn’t choose to sleep as it often ends up in scrolling, but to talk to my good friend instead. And well, it is already well-known how non productive talks between girls can turn out. So, peeps, it’s totally not my fault. Following a gossip, my friend revealed her disturbing experiences of not sleeping and distressing. When I pondered solutions, I came up with a few, but she had already tried them earlier with no success. So, I brought on a fancy suggestion of going somewhere good and enjoying a different air. However, I know vacation is not always a great choice as it demands time, energy, and planning, plus it is a temporary solution to putting things away for a while. Numerous people may face mental problems, and there are sadly no solutions in each scenario. In my previous article, I wrote about a forest cabin, which ensures solving this problem through righteous architecture. Today, I am bringing another project forward in the hope to solve this problem for half of the people as each element surrounding us could benefit our brain, and we have to make sure it comes into our life. Remember that one has to put the architecture of their home in a state where there is more assurance of a positive mind. So, to celebrate the spirit of better structure to bring out the most of your homes, let us start visualising a stone house design that recently got my eye on Instagram.

This home is designed by HW Studio Arquitectos and photographed by Cesar Bejar Studio.

Taking a Visit at the Stone House.


The lavish property has an area with a resilient design inspired by brutalist architecture, with stone and concrete as an element. Now, as there is no rupture in the natural stone to build this structure, these bring a greater sense of closeness to nature. Featuring a large backyard, the exterior constructed space attributes colours that blend well with the natural surroundings. Whatever you do, whether it is to play volleyball or to take pictures of this picturesque landscape, it is all worth it. Bringing nature into your residence is such a great idea, so you don’t leave a single thread behind, regardless of what kind of vegetation it has. Having admired the open-plan living area with gleaming nighttime stargazing options, let me now introduce you to the living area itself.

Living Space.

As you enter the living area, you see a splash of sunlight through the windows. The inside of the stone house has rocked walls with a fusion of minimalist interior decor, complimented robustly by the ceilings and flooring makes it a remarkable stone house design to consider. A sumptuous off-white coloured sofa with a dark wood table and a sitting hold the core of the living area with a modern fireplace. Of the artificial light source, a single long hanging light illuminates the space softly, without making eyes strain. All you can do is have your back comfortably rested on the large sofa and have endless gossip with your friend or beloved one.

Kitchen Plus Dining.

The living area extends to a dining room and kitchen, ensuring good coordination between all zones. In harmony with the open kitchen walls, the dining table has a few modular chairs in a balanced colour scheme. Now there is a perfect fusion of design through better textures, colours, space and light. There is no way you bother cooking in this delightful place while maintaining an intimate conversation with your guests and partner. Throughout this stone house design, you’ll find a sense of familiarity along with a tinge of creativity-inducing openness. As you finish your dinner rituals, it is time you see the bedroom.

Living area plus dining and kitchen of the Stone house design


One of the most beautiful spaces, this bedroom is an epicentre of comfort with innovation. The large wooden panelled wall, the minimalist chair, the soft rugs, and the intact tree reaching its branches to the sky make this room wonderful. Whether you want to read something better under the tree in solitude or paint on a canvas while viewing the anatomy of the tree, you have all the rights to reserve this space.

Bedroom of the stone house design

Final Words.

Despite the fact that this stone house design has beautiful interiors, it does not strain nature and embraces the natural resources in their exact form. It puts us in the deep thought of blending our lives well with the love of nature in its actual form. I hope that with this project, you will discover a new and innovative way to convert your houses with fusions of nature to live in harmony and grow together without causing any conflict.

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