Summer Decor: It’s a Hot Season & So Must Your Interiors Be

Summer Decorations are one of the tricks to refresh your interiors with a calming effect. Here’s a guide we curated to help regarding this.

Summer Decor

Call it a season of melons or a wildflower garden. There is nothing quite like summer to enjoy being a sloth, from eating a lot to playing at the pool and relaxing on the beach to sleeping, sleeping, and sleeping. Suddenly, the sun woke us from our winter cocoons and invited us to party with him. And what is the best way to do it anyway? Having frozen fruit icecream, in the waters is, in my opinion, the best way to enjoy the experience. Reminiscing on my childhood memories, I still remember that our summers were well spent with the treat of kokum sharbat (a child drink that is refreshing and yummy for the tastebuds), which my grandma made for us. My brothers and I, being the firebrands of the village, kicked up a great deal of trouble there, from stealing toffee and pranking my elders to playing as hard as we could in even the hottest summers, with no care in the world. After a long day, we siblings would gather at the terrace to see the most beautiful skies of all time, giggling and waking up early and teasing my grandparents for the weird poses of Surya-namaskars they did during the morning. And this way, I had my best summers, which a child could dream of. With all these not to forget, my grandparents always took care of the exteriors of the houses, especially in the summers. In their words, they were summer relief packages, but to me, they were décor! And of course, in all of our activities, our homes played a crucial role, which makes it significant for us to treat it differently with every season. By now, you might have understood what we are here for. Sharing our nostalgic memories of summers! No, mates, we’re here to look at the most beautiful and functional summer decor and home styles to make the most out of this season.

It might seem like there are dozens of articles available on the web. So, in what ways does this article stand out and make it worth your time to read? Let me say that despite the many examples provided on the web, none of them have a stepwise design, so it is challenging to put into practice. Here is the internet’s first elementary summer home decor guide (with bonus tips) to keep you from all the hassle.

7 Steps to the Hot Summer Decor.

1. Colour It Lively Inviting Joy Blend Innocence.

The colour palette is the most crucial step before we check upon any style. One must remember that summer is defined by blue skies, white clouds, aquamarine beaches, and white surf, with hues of sandy beiges, pale corals, and cool-greens. And to punch the entire composition of these colours, hot red zinnias, vibrant yellow sunflowers and seductive pink roses are the perfect fit. Now, with these colours, you have to select the best for your place for a well carried summer decor.

Summer Home Decor Colour palette
Summer Colour Palette

As I mentioned the steps to follow in my previous articles on choosing the correct colour, it’s all about wall colour, furnishings and floor in a harmonious combination. You can refer them, of course, for help.

Let me give you one example. If you find it burdensome to make your combo, you can go for white walls with brown woodwork and pale wood-toned floors. Now you can always add more intensity of colours through tabletops, bookcases, chairs, and soft furnishings. You must understand that a summer deco colour scheme is all about fun, which allows you to design your home as an artist. Either paint the walls or have a few additions in woodwork and you can always add more colours with chair coverings, rugs, and bed coverings and accent them with pillows, art pieces, dishes, flowers or just fruit bowls. You must also remember that there is nature’s formula: 50 parts pale (as sky and sea) to 10 parts medium bright or dark to one part saturated intensity.

Besides, in this section, I have a secret tip for you. Always choose a wicker sofa covered in a durable fabric so that, regardless of whether you are preparing for a pool party or are just returning from the beach, your sitting does not show signs of sand or saltwater.

I hope you are ready to select a colour palette for your summer decor.

2. Fix Your Home as an Open-Air Spa.

To celebrate the summer’s breezes and make your summer home decor more practical and approaching; hang a wind drape. And try to acknowledge the knocking of windows with the serene sound of wind chimes. Secondly, you can keep a sand bucket bookend on your reading shelf. One good tip here is to put your favourite corals, shells or pictures of the beach with your loved one in this sand-filled bucket and refresh your memories. You can use a tin bucket, ceramic cookie jar or saltine canister with pickling salt to give the same look.

And try backing up with space with vintage books, your favourite shared pictures or cookbooks for your summer delight.

Now, coming upon converting your space into an open-air spa, first, remove all the heavy bedding materials and try to lighten up your bedroom and other areas with cotton sheets and handlooms. Remove all your heavy curtains or side panels and relish the simple look. Let the sun be more approaching your entire space.

3. Declutter the Space.

The best way to declutter your space is a good organisation. However, to celebrate the open areas and declutter, you can always choose to have open shelving. For instance, you can have extra storage above the tub area as open shelves, making it look airy, decluttered, and spacious.

In bedrooms and living areas, you can choose to have open storage cabinets or hanging shelves and arrange things appropriately.

One good tip is that you can always choose to declutter your space in a way to add elements to complement your summer decor. For instance, you can have suspended or iron shelves and open cabinets at the entrance or passageway. You can arrange them with clay objects, plants, books, ceramics, crockeries, or whatever you desire.

Open shelves for summer deco
By Mikkel Vang

4. Add Bouquets for a Colourful Stroke.

Flowers are the essential things that one can’t forget for summer decor. However, a classic bouquet is not just about the flower decor, but the entire table setting. One of the best setting; every person love is accessorising the setup like a piece of jewellery. For instance, on your dining table, let us pick Indian silk chair covers and table runners. Try jewelled napkin rings with the different colours of glasses, ending up with a candlestick. Now the best flowers you can have is tea-rose hybrid or simple garden roses for beautiful blooms.

Similarly, in the living area or cornered table, a ceramic or glass vase would make a good appeal with garden roses, sweetpeas, peonies, and ranunculus. You can always choose small tins, clay vases or any bottle to put them in if you somewhere lack vases. And of course your old glass bottles would make a lovely appeal as vases with few candles.

5. Set Up French Style Outdoor Sitting.

A large outdoor table with white cloth, centrepiece, glasses and a few table wares makes an excellent setting for your French-style outdoor sitting. We must enjoy dinners or breakfasts outdoors to carry a good picnic vibe. So, all you need to do to give your exteriors the look of an open-air pavilion is have ready-made cotton tab curtains with store closet poling and inexpensive white deck chairs with a table. Now, add a white tablecloth and all sorts of elements to your outdoor sitting, including chandeliers, and antiques, as per your taste.

We all know that summer is for outside, so there must be a completely well-groomed exterior. Hence, I have included this step for your summer decor.

6. All You Need Now Is Lights.

Lights are crucial when we are approaching new styles and decor. Hence, go for looking out battery-operated lanterns for your windows or backyard. And yes, always choose strands of white ribbon to let them float over your space.

One of the other exterior lighting options includes birdbath lights, which would give a good bloom. And the best tip is to create a space with fire and ice. It means combining your candles and sea glass in a planter to give a view that the fire floats over ice. Do not forget to put a mirror in the backdrop to get the most out of your candle shine. Choose cool lights and exclude using heavy chandeliers for the perfect summer decor look.

Floating candles for summer decorations
By The Honeycomb Home

7. Ending with a Splash.

The final step of your summer decor is here. All I want now is to put accessories in each space. For instance, the backyard can also have a bamboo bathtub where you can treat yourself with cooling therapies. Similarly, your bedroom and living room can have Finnish and Danish glassware. One of the best tips here is to create an interior herb garden over the boundaries of windows and balconies and put a few alovera plants and snakes for better temperature as well. And do not forget to include feng-shui palms for a fresh cool breeze.

Bonus Tips: The Lasting Touch For Your Summer Decor.

1. Lighten up your dining room with white paint, glass and shine. You can do so by creating a good colour scheme with appropriate furnishing. Do not forget to have open shelving on the walls for decorative purposes and infuse freshness through your garden flowers.

2. Polish your doors and woodwork with white enamel (don’t worry, they are washable), as they contribute to extra light and a clean attitude for summer. Also, you can choose to replace boring doors with salvage yards doors. And if you are finding it strenuous, simply change the doorknobs!

3. For now, change your clumsy dining chairs with lightweight wicker chairs to give a fresh look.

4. Try to replace your curtains with floor-to-ceiling sheer curtains to give your space enough sunlight and a pattern.

5. Add mirrors in the form of picture frames, cabinet doors, and windows to accord a fantabulous summer decor look.

Final Words.

Summer Decor is the best gift you can give to your space. And I have made sure to add every single crucial element, which could get you started with your decorations. Now, all I hope is that you use your this weekend to plan out things and make the best plan to do it.


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