This Forest Cabin Is a Breathtaking Blend of Style & Nature

Canyon Creek is one of the adventurous and beautiful forest cabins for any group to plan for and visit. Here’s a tour to know more.

Forest Cabin

As summer arrived at its peak with a hotter atmosphere than the last year, thanks to hidden human efforts for climate change, my good-for-nothing friends made a getaway plan for a staycation. Now, though I already knew inside that they were just bummers, creating a discussion topic after their lonesome and hectic work schedule, I participated in the chat anyway. I am not sure about the travel plan or whether in any way we are going to their destined place, but one surprisingly good thing was the places my pals mentioned, which made the entire WhatsApp chat hilarious. As per democracy in my group, I got my chance to show them my chosen spot, and I randomly gave them the idea of a forest cabin. And as I suggested this idea, one of my namby-pamby friends thought that the darkness of cabin woods with the shivering voices of frightened trees would eat us away. Oh yes, this boy can’t stay alone in a dark room, and if you start narrating the ghost stories, he will be haunted for weeks, even in the daytime. So, as we all got an opportunity to bring back our college days of playing with his sensitive emotions, we started to go in the direction of discussing the forest cabin AirBnB where we would play Ouija together. Believe me; he just left the group, and in conclusion, we are not going anywhere. But as I kept talking about forest cabins, I thought to share one terrific place with you, which is not scary but beautiful. And dont worry, no demon voices will haunt you there. All you will listen to is the Birds chirping, singing leaves of trees, and mesmerising running water. Shall I start giving you all about the place?

Taking a Stroll Through Nature and Visiting Canyon Creek Cabin.

The Exteriors.

The exterior of the place includes a dense canopy of trees with the contrast of shining beams of sunlight piercing through the tree leaves. From the direct view of a water lake, a situation on a small hill, this property is the epitome of beauty and nature’s love. Now, the structure is entirely made of wood with a slanted ceiling to give an illusion of more space and light inside. If you are looking for small hikes nearby or enjoying fresh water, this forest cabin has everything to fulfil in your stay. Now, as you climb up through the elevation, you reach the property. Let us now see what’s inside.

Living Area.

The interiors or the living room of this cabin make it a mid century modern cabin, which blends well with nature and gives us a soothing view. Previously I have drafted an article on turning your home with mid-century home decor, so if you wish to bring those vibes into your place, you can read it here.

In this living area of the breathtaking forest cabin house, the ceilings and walls hold the same theme of wood, whereas the flooring complements them with its warm grey colour. The most loved part of this space is the yellow armchair with a spectacular view towards the forests while warming with the fireplace. Secondly, the grey sofas, supported by the unfinished wooden support, give the space a very adaptable feel. There is a touch of rustic furniture, which makes the space more inviting and compassionate. Whether you give yourself the best experience of book writing or reading, or you simply have great conversations with your friends or beloved ones, the living area can hold all your activities while making the best of your time. If you see the colour scheme of the overall home, there are just warm hues, which go well with nature’s colours. You can also enjoy stargazing through the skylight while listening to the faint echoes and soft breeze of the surroundings. I’ll now take you to the kitchen and dining area, which extends into the living room.

Living room of mid century modern cabin

Kitchen Plus Dining Area.

Before we move into the kitchen, let us see the dining space of this mid century modern cabin. As you walk into the dining area, you see a large wooden table and chairs in a minimalist style with a white pendant light over it. Now the two opposite sides of the dining area represent a kitchen and a shelf, respectively. So talking about shelf decor, I have given a glimpse of the tips for your home, but here we see a modern utility arrangement of a few books, plants and essentials. Now on the opposite end, you see an open kitchen with heaps of sunlight to elevate your mood for cooking. The entire space has modern cookware accessories equipped with simplicity and a colour blast through a small rug. Now, whether you plan to display your culinary expertise to your friends or you have a menu of microwaved ramen noodles for your nostalgic stories, the kitchen covers every single of your purpose with space and light.


As you step up the staircase, moving towards the bedroom, you see a white hammock with a greyish fur carpet underneath. If you wish to enjoy the sunshine while gazing at the woods or to continue reading in your living room, this hammock is for you. Now the Canyon Creek forest cabin consists of two bedrooms, however, each of which is similar in decor. The only difference between them is the placement of windows and walls. One of the bedrooms, which is my favourite, has wood-panelled walls and a skylight. It also consists of rack shelves for an appropriate utility, whereas the other room has a white wall and ceiling with a single-panelled window. Once you enter your comfort zone, you know what to do. So when you decide to enjoy the comfy mattresses, let me give you a tour of the last place from the next section.


It is the most beautiful and systematic bathroom I’ve ever seen in a cabin, let alone a forest cabin. It consists of a perfect blend of decor and purpose with quite a good space. Grey granite walls and sinks contrast nicely with panelled wooden ceilings and walls. Further, the choice of lighting as the spotlights gives an excellent glow to the space and your beautiful face! Of course, you can hold a solo rain dance party or as a couple (wink wink).

Bathroom of the mid century modern cabin


Oh, My God, it looks like we are at the end of this beautiful visual tour guide. Now that you have seen this fantastic forest cabin, it is time you act up, unlike my dummies. Take a step closer to experiencing nature!


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