Perivolas Hotel, Santorini: A Heaven to Live Your Dreams

Perivolas Hotel by Lim Hotels is one of the handpicked spots in Santorini to experience the amazing views and comfort of the island.

Perivolas Hotel

There are times when we just need a moment of calm and peace. Even though we may work until midnight, miss breakfasts sometimes, check on grocery lists, and keep our living spaces tidy, we must find days when we are just ourselves and don’t need our watches telling us what to do anymore. It seems to me that the more we are prone to utilizing our bodies to their full potential, the less productive we become. For instance, I have had my best weeks in terms of work when I do nothing on weekends and just enjoy myself. While you compare this ability to do nothing with discovering new things in a foreign place, the latter is the best way to take a break and reflect on our lives. And this is why I am writing this article, which includes a fantastic stay in Santorini Islands. Just imagine yourself in an incredibly-wondrous position to walk along croissant-shaped beaches and experience the seawater splashing onto the rocks, making you realize how nature can take away all your despairs and fill you with an excitingly beautiful sense of freedom. From walking around the breweries to spendthrift the open-air cinemas and getting perfect shots of sunlight; the place is more than an experience. While I truly respect the hard work you put into making your loved ones’ lives better, it is time for a small retreat for yourself. Let’s start our adventure at the beautiful Perivolas Hotel of Santorini.

The Different Suites of Perivolas Hotel.

1. Lifestyle Studio.

The place flourishes with the astonishing view of the scenic beauty of the Santorini islands through its balcony and windows. The room features arched windows with doorless entries in an entire white theme. Designed with careful colour implementation, the lifestyle studio of Perivolas Hotel is a bundle of comfort. The room is worth your stay for your vacation, whether you enjoy stargazing from the L-sized small and cosy sofa or sipping a cup of coffee while taking in the sights. The perfect amount of white colour with the small accents of bright pink and wooden touch is just adoring, and you can’t resist falling in love with it. Now, if you are probably single, you can choose the studio.

2. Junior Suite.

This suit is for couples who rush into things and want to know more about each other without getting distracted from the chores of the city. Although it is not mentioned anywhere, the elegant look of this suite offers a more intimate space for two people in the midst of the starling Aegean Sea. An open-space design with a terrace with an additional sitting area is one of the significant features of the suite. While admiring the ocean breeze flowing in your suite, you can have good conversations over the lower sitting area.

3. Suite.

The room is in the secluded corner of the property of Perivolas Hotel Santorini, which makes the space more intimate and personal. With a similar theme of white walls, the area shows vibrant accents of colours with rugs, furnishings and antique decor. What makes it different from the rest of the options is it has a queen-sized bed, the smoothest curves with simple elegance, and one of the best views of the Aegean Sea with privacy. Its curved cave-like roof eliminates isolation and gives it a warm feeling of home.

4. Superior Suite.

The superior suite has an extensive accommodation with smooth curves and traditional soft white colours. Upon entering this space of Hotel Perivolas, you see a substantially immense living space with a colour boom of blue and white. It features a more comfy sitting with sea views from the open terrace. This open and spacious terrace is also ideal for longer sitting, and it features a separate entrance through the stairs, hence providing you with a quiet place to enjoy your evenings and mornings. And the best part is that despite having such an extensive floor plan with private entry, the bedroom is in a confined place, separating from the living area through small curves. With the space walls designed in the shape of more intimacy to give a warmer look, this suite in Perivolas Hotel is perfect for the stay of those who wish to be more particular with their choices.

5. Deluxe Suite With Jacuzzi.

The entire arrangement is almost similar to the other space of the Perivolas Hotel, but there is an additional bonanza of a private terrace with an inbuilt pool inside. Enjoy stunning views of the Aegean Sea from the terrace, which offers anything from sunbathing to swimming, and trying out local dishes to giving the health freaks a private place for some pushing abs.

6. Deluxe Suite With Pool.

An ocean-view private heated pool is one of the features of this deluxe suite, which features a very systematic floor plan. With bright and breeze cave-carved architecture, this space was once home to a local winemaker. All you see is a spacious area with an open living room a bedroom, and a breathtaking caldera. From enjoying fine wine in the heated pool to snuggling in the cosy living area while boozing with the nighttime sea breeze, this suite is the best option for privacy, love and amphibious views.

Now, as you saw the premium suites of stay, I wish to take you to more private rooms to enjoy your staycation during Santorini Islands at Perivolas Hotel. The three marvellous suites, which we are about to head in have few things in common, however, they radically have captivating vibe as a selected and expensive stay.

7. New Perivolas Suite.

This suite is the best fit for all those who wish to be in a semi-private bedroom with their friends. The careful decoration through whitewashed walls and smooth arches follows the same decorum we saw in the previous suites. However, with a private heated pool, semi-private bathroom and rocky formations on the terrace surrounding the pool, it stands apart from the other rooms and suites of the Perivolas Hotel.

I mean all you need to do is be in the pool, enjoying the scenic beauty of the Islands. And yes, not to forget, it has two extra features- Hydrotherapy massage and a steam room.

Feel like being Alive!

8. Perivolas Luxury Suite.

This luxury suite isn’t for sharing, which means you could have more privacy. With the masterpiece in Greek architecture, it showcases curved doors and a lot more open atmosphere. With an open rocked terrace, you could enjoy the sightseeing of the deep Aegean sea. Also, the wonderful purely spacious living room has excellent colour coordination, which includes textures of rugs, furniture and a blend of colours with white walls. Besides, the suite offers a king-size bed, a hydrotherapy massage and a steam room, and opens to a private terrace with a heated pool.

9. Perivolas Suite.

Thanks to a separate suite bedroom and large domed living room, this suite of the Perivolas Hotel Santorini seamlessly integrates living and sleeping areas. A heated cave swimming pool leads out to a grand terrace with a magnificent panoramic view of the sea, while a spa facility includes a steam bath and hydrotherapy massage pool. Not to forget, due to its extensive floor plan, it has a larger living space with the same colour combinations and other areas. However, few plants for decor really make it more adorable. I mean, if you want to give yourself an expensive treat without even thinking, go for it.

Final Words.

The Perivolas hotel is an excellent stay to avail yourself of a treat for your hard work. And yes, I have seen most of the stays of the Santorini Islands, but this one remains closer to my heart. With a traditional approach to architecture, clear and uncluttered space, and mesmerising views, this place is actually the heart of any staycation.


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