We Used AI Painting to Recreate 10 Renaissance Masters

AI is mastering several tasks including painting. But is it perfect and how does it compete against renaissance masters? Here’s the answer.

AI Painting

Call it a Buzz or your other spare obsolete; Artificial intelligence is like the puffed-up disaster to human creativity, making you think it is the only solution you need. So after messing my brain with your heartly desire of reading more about AI, I am here again to dedicate my writing skills to AI (No hate towards disrespecting the naive buddy). Coming back, I wanted to share something with you that these days are about Vermeer, Michelangelo, and Da Vinci as my entire library is filled with their archives and digital assets. So, while I bring my history lessons back, I thought it must be with you but in a different way. This time my naive buddy is helping you to check the famous paintings from Renaissance because maybe it got interesting there too. I mean not only us but even machines can’t resist their eyes from Mona Lisa or Vitruvian Man. So, to get in a trend and be hopeful about your future of admiring our old artists back, I am all set to experiment AI painting with our legendary artist’s skills. Who among are ready for it; shoot me which side you are on. If you ask me, I am obviously on the Renaissance artist’s side as my naive buddy is still learning but never enough to compete with them in its entire lifetime. Dismantled enough, let us start the art gallery (virtual, of course).

Note: These paintings are generated solely from text prompts and by Midjourney. No changes to the original artworks are made to achieve results.

Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa AI Painting generated by Midjourney
Andrea Mantegna's The Lamentation of Christ AI painting by Midjourney
Quentin Matsys' The Ugly Duchess ai painting by Midjourney
Hans Holbein The Younger's Portrait of a Lady with a Squirrel and a Starling AI painting generated by Midjourney
Albrecht Durer's Self-Portrait at the Age of Twenty Eight AI painting generated by Midjourney
Titian's Portrait of Karl V with a Dog AI Painting generated by Midjourney
Raphael's Portrait of Pope Julius II AI Painting generated by Midjourney
Johannes Vermeer's Girl with a pearl earring AI painting generated by Midjourney
Sandro Boticelli's Mars and Venus ai painting by Midjourney
Filippo Lippi's Madonna and Child AI painting generated by Midjourney

Final Words.

Voila, Champion, You have finally known the twenty-one best Renaissance paintings from the original source. What AI played with those masterpieces, just created a blunder. But the good point is at least you will now remember those paintings! I don’t know how far the technology can remodel itself to give us epic results. Besides, we all know that a painting with a message and instant emotion is only worthy of our attention. Even today, after learning Lessons of linear perspective, shapes, and dimensions, we are unable to create such masterpieces. It’s the same reason why AI painting lagged behind. Shoot me your opinions in the comments and I am happy to hear all of you.

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