Cozy Bed: The First Step to Prepare Yourself for Comfy Sleep

The benefits of a good night’s sleep are widely known. And to achieve the first step is to make a cozy bed. Here’s the guide for the same.

How to make a cozy bed

Ensconcing myself on the same desk every day with my usual workstation, I try to thrive on ideas within myself through my epic book collection (which is still increasing diurnally). But, hey, do you really think that whatever I write is all because of my ergonomic workspace with a scenic beauty landscape? Well, of course not. It is not the green scenery from my window but the magic of good sleep with my comfy cozy bed and pillows. You might be guffawing at the fact that the sole credit of these articles is good sleep but trust me, one discomforting night can ruin your whole day. So the one quick solution to have a baby sleep even in our challenging lives of adulthood is making your bed cozy and visually appealing so that on the days of your hard work, there lies an absolute prize for your body. As you already know the topic of the article, what’s left to do is to get into it. On a note, you might have seen a couple of articles over the internet that can assure you to give an idea, but none conveyed with a guide. I promise to showcase you with this quick read, focusing on the mere bed and not the entire bedroom. Hold me back over this rollercoaster guide to having a cozy bed.

How to Make a Cozy Bed in Just 7 Steps.

1. Check for Your Mattress.

Deciding whether you need an extra mattress can be the most challenging part. You might see it coming as the crucial component of the bed is its mattress. Let me tell you before anything that I love to jump on it while listening to rock music (don’t spill the secrets). So I needed a good mattress, which is extra firm and spongy. Coming to your part, first, decide whether you need a new one or your older one is still capable of holding your fun. There is no need for Einstein’s mind to determine it.

If it is damaged or more than eight years old, you might think to replace it and even get a new bed if you can hold an adequate budget. Next, you have to decide which one is best for you.

A Comfortable mattress by Birch Living
Source: Birch Living

Now, you don’t need notes or a copy to answer the question, but if you believe in careful decisions like my mom, you can read this guide. By the way, if buying something is as easy as trying it out for you, then go for it. Do not be ashamed of lying and taking a demo. Lie on your back and see what fulfills your demand.

The first step to making a cozy bed is checking on a mattress and replacing it if needed.

2. Customize Your Headboard to Bring Extra Comfort.

Headboards are worth deciding on. Although you cannot recreate it, you can make it more comfortable. Headboards are a vital part of the bed for all of us, as it extends further comfort to our back in a seated position. The first thing I do each morning is to rest my back on it while I take my first sip of tea, which my brother lovingly prepares for me. Returning to the article, headboards come in fabric, wooden, and iron styles. The fabric headboard comes in various shapes and styles depending on our fashion preferences. If you wish to enjoy lavish comfort, you can extend it to some height and add a layer of foam. Next, you have a wooden one, which provides a rustic touch to the whole area. Just a quick tip, do not incorporate it in the bed frame and lay the mattress on the top of wooden slats, as it makes it uncomfortable.

Comfy cozy bed with pink upholstery bed frame, white bedding and a side table
By Zenn Design

Lastly, iron headboards are the most stylist but intolerable ones, so if you ask me, please skip them. Although they look perfect, there is no point in having something that makes you miserable.

One quick tip to get support is to use Boho-style wooden headboards. You can also place two large cushions or use padded headboards for a cozy bed.

A rattan style bed with comfortable bedding
By Anthropologie

3. Heading Your Bed With a Coronas Is a Suitable Choice.

Coronets are like the fairy tale essentials to the bed and my forever dream of a perfect couch. But please don’t let yourself think these are only for fairy tale looks because with good color combinations and fabric style: you can have great results. All you have to do is use intelligible drapery styles. You can see pictures of it, so you’ll have a better idea of what it looks like. A quick tip is if you want a comfy and cute cosy look, you can add fairy lights of your choice. Remember to add a hold-back and hook for either side of the headboard, so that you can tie them when not needed.

A cosy bed of a hotel with corona
By Crookes and Jackson

4. Adding a Supplementary Foam Layer.

Once you have fixed the major part of turning your bed cosy, all you need to do is add a layer of foam on top of the mattress. If you like a firm mattress, omit the option.

5. Choose the Feather-Smooth Quilt.

There are hundreds of options for bedcovers and quilts over the internet. But you don’t have to perform a hit-and-trial method to experiment with your night sleep time. I usually prefer pure cotton bedcovers of light colors as they are the preferred choice among cozy bedding and also provide warmth and feathery touch to your bed. Let me think of other options if you are not a big fan of cotton. Yes, go for satin silk and even velvet. Choose among sober, fabric printed, or embroidered quilts, as per your convenience. I prefer the quilted cover with American knots as they never lag to add colors to my ambiance. You can choose over the knitted covers, throwover bedspread, and others that meet the demands of a cozy bed.

A cinnamon colored quilt for cozy bed setting with a serving tray on it
By Thelinenduvet / Etsy

6. Head to the Shop for a Conventional Pillow.

I love lying on my bed and reading a book or holding something. The softest things on my bed are the pillows, which support me in holding something or even reading a book. You might wonder what is so particular about selecting pillows for a cozy bed that I made it a separate step. I won’t tell you the reason anyway.

Comfy cozy bed with charcoal bedding and grey and white pillows
By Katerina Dima

The quick tips for choosing pillows wisely are about to be unveiled, so get ready for it. Use trims over the plain pillows to add a unique touch and extra texture to your bed. If you are confused about pillows, you can go for cotton check prints, polka dots, and floral prints for a fresh cosy bed makeover. And if possible, go for Missoni print as they are classic for all generations and genders.

We’re done with the tips here, but not with the article.

7. Finish It Up.

All you have to own is throws and a welsh blanket for adding instant chic to your cosy bed. There is nothing left here except to clean it for the last time before night and enjoy your sleep time.

A cozy bed with throw, blanket, pillows and a wall lamp on side
By Nesting With Grace, Via: Pinterest

Your Cozy Bed Is All Made Up, Time to Sleep!

You might overlook bed decor at times, but you know what, we need it most. Let me know when you finally get a cozy bed and how much this article has helped you achieve results in the comments below. While I’m at it, I’ll be back soon with another decor article. Take care!

Frequently Asked Questions.

What makes a bed softer?

Buying a mattress topper or an extra sheet of foam for the current mattress can make your bed soft immediately. These can sit on the mattress as an extra layer and make it comfortable.

What makes a bed the most comfortable?

Good quality mattresses, fabric headboards, cotton or satin bedcovers, and soft pillows are some of the things to make any bed comfortable.

What type of bed do most hotels use?

Most hotels use a bed with a hybrid or innerspring mattress with a medium firmness to suit most people.

How do I know if my mattress is too hard or soft?

If your mattress is too hard, you may experience back and neck pain as it fails to support your spine. However, if your mattress is too soft, you may find it hard to get in and out of your bed; neck, shoulder, and backaches will become common, and you will feel comfortable on other soft mattresses.


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