Minimalist Decor: Beautify Your Home by Following These Steps.

Minimalist Decor, as easy as it may sound, can be one of the most difficult styles. For its simple nature, selection is key and knowing this, we curated the fullest guide on web.

Minimalist Decor

Before we get into the article to discuss our favourite theme, minimalist decor, can you explain what it means from your perspective? Give your mind a quick fix and start exploring. Meanwhile, let me tell you what I believe. I understand that the simplest way to make things alright is the toughest nut to crack, yet many people anticipate it to be uncomplicated and ordinary. Sometimes even the people who look ordinary have vast and mystical personalities. Agree? Then why can’t the things around us play complex? Tell me; how far you think decorating with the bare minimum is facile and approachable. Now, if you are my frequent reader, you already know I always start this way to connect things directly with your state of mind. And by chance, if you are the first one, you are still not so late! As I mentioned earlier, people around us believe that minimalist decor or playing simple is intelligibly a decluttering process and resolving things into their simplest form. But it is not child’s play. For instance, I am giving you bare white walls with few windows for open air. Is it possible to make it look with a lot of originality and versatility? Of course, you can once you read this article. Maybe I exaggerate things sometimes! But folks, I believe whatsoever you are reading must have a purpose, so I try to give it to you every time, either directly or by dramatising. Now that you know we are here to create a beautiful and modern interior through minimalist decor, let’s learn how we do it. To begin with, let’s master the basics so we can explore them carefully and not be blindfolded.

What Is Minimalism?

It will be better if I give the exact meaning of the term. It refers to the styles of art, music and design picturing curtailed design elements. Take it this way anything stripped to its essentials, neglecting luxury or maximalism, portrays the minimalism concept. Furthermore, if we add on, it triages the extreme simplification of form using basics shapes, textures, patterns, objects and anonymity, also referred to as the art of reductivism.

You don’t have to byheart the definition, instead, understand the term so that you pick things wisely for your interiors. According to Franc Bertoni,

“minimalist language conveys messages of simplicity, elementary geometric forms, large spaces with minimum objects and furniture, simple materials, cold lighting, and repetitions of structures that represent a sense of order and essential quality.”

What Is the Need for Minimalist Home Decor?

Before we perform anything, we have to understand the purpose behind it. As my grandpa always told me that even the laborious manoeuvre without a purpose is an act of foolishness.

The essence of minimalist decor is letting go of unneeded things and obsessions or material possessions. In brief, carry little and live lightly.

Minimalist home decor showing a living room with lower sitting sofa, a palm nearby, and spotlights

Origins of Minimalism.

20th-century architecture refers to the word by tracing its roots in the Zen philosophy of Japanese tradition. It adorns the elementary values, aesthetics and design elements. It transmits the ideas of freedom and the essence of living. You see that simplicity is not an aesthetic value, but it does have moral values of inner qualities and objects for the essence.

Now that you know the necessary details, let us rebend the interior.

Untwisting Your Living Room Through Minimalist Decor.

In my previous articles, I have always collected crisp points and managed a heart-whelming easy guide for you, but this time I needed to make it different and more worthy. I never wanted you to be perplexed in any situation, so I have divided sections where you can find step vise guides according to the area. I am showing you steps on how you can transform your living room into a sparkling one by twisting its interiors. Let us begin!

1. Follow the Muted Colour Palette.

The first thing I follow when I plan to give a space makeover is deciding on the colour. It majorly includes the walls, furnishings and artefacts. The easiest way to master it is to grab a colour shade palette and try to explore, match and mismatch the colours you wish to keep for your minimalist decor.

Colour palette for minimalist home decor

But since minimalist wall accents are somehow different, therefore let me give you a trick to choose one for you. All you need to do is bring the grey or white tones of colours for your walls with a few geometric shapes and find that one perfect bronze or copper or some shiny artefact that becomes the showstopper. It simply means minimalist wall decor is all about choosing the easy colour in such a way that the tasteful-bright combination with the object goes delicious. Whether you are plump for grey, white, warm colours, or even blush pink, you have to be wise and follow your personality kind between those colours.

2. Bring Those Particular Ottomans.

The essence of the living room comes with the perfect couch, so we can not miss it. You might think about what is so special about the ottoman as the internet is flooded with variety. But selecting the right one is the masterstroke behind your perfect minimalist living room decor.

Now that you know its importance and utility as well, I would suggest you choose the lightest colours. Remember sole purpose of the minimalist interior design lies in the fact that you can invent your new life by reassuring your own identity and self-awareness. For this spiritual philosophy, pick something that blends with the white-washed walls, blues of water and greens of nature.

If you are still unfocused and unable to pick up an ottoman, go for a raw look with comfortable off-white sitting. Trust me, you would love it. Dont think there is too much white; we will add colours through textures and other specimens.

3. Be Picky in Furnishing Your Minimalist Decor.

Furnishings holds a crucial place for utility. Most of my friend’s homes have overloading of furnishings, which do not even form part of maximalism and looses the required embrace of the particular commodity. I feel that unless there is no space enough for a ballerina dance or some jumping jacks in your living room, it doesn’t have shine within it.

Hold on for a moment and find the utility furnishings like the circular coffee table or the side table. Cabinets for TVs or even the mid-century bookshelf will not look good here in these interiors.

4. Experience the Royal Experience of Texture.

Deliberating the experience of living simple and adoring peacefulness is the modern spice for our busy life. But sometimes, even I am bored of the white walls. So after applying a lot of hit-and-trial minimalist decor tricks on my living area, I finally realized that the only thing that can fulfil the voidness is the texture. It is not just your walls that need a grainy appearance, but your ceilings and even the whole area. Is there a way you would accomplish this?

A textured lunar moon artwork for minimalist decor of any wall

Of course, there is! No need to focus on just walls, add a roughness by binding the rough and tough jute ropes through ceilings, baskets, and even jute laundry bags. You can use hats and scarves in functional and decorative ways if you have a great collection.

Furthermore, the best way to do this is to put an old antique ladder whose wooden cracks are enough to fill the emptiness.

5. Lights Are the Glamour Puss.

Inside you, I knew you would be demanding the lights. And so we will check on the lights faster. There is not much to discuss here because natural light is all you can have for a superficially beautiful look. But what about the nighttime? Moonlights and star gazes! I am just ridiculing; we need some lights.

Decide where you want the artificial lights to be placed first. Let me help you here. Place them where vases or furnishings will have a great deal of illumination. You can use some abstractly designed chandeliers and the bare minimum ceiling lamps. Also, vertical light solutions are a sustainable way to use it as an illuminance. Natural material lamps are also an intelligent choice. Just remember that you want a minimalist interior design, so choose wisely.

6. Choose the Strong Impression Wisely.

Everybody knows about the strong impact of any interior. If you are an art lover like me, you can’t miss portraying your favourite paintings to your guests. For instance, I love the Bharat ma from S H Raza gallery. Even if I didn’t buy the original one, I used the poster appearance from the museum.

Use any abstract art for minimalist decor which portrays some meaning behind it.

7. Finish Up With the Final Details.

It’s still hard to believe how smoothly we chitchatted the minimalist living room decor guide until the end. Now that we set foot on here, there are the final touches you can not miss in any case.

Bring your favourite artefacts. It can be either brass or copper vase, your favourite meditative buddha idol, a few books, cemented vases with dried flowers, or an unusual shiny bright-coloured stool or chair. After you finally put them in their place, use jute or soft textured rugs and curtains. Do not forget plants, as always. Palms, money plants, vines, everything goes with minimalist decor.

Last but not the least, let your mirror show you the space you never saw in your tiny living rooms.

If you remember something crucial and want to add it, do it without giving it a thought.

And your living room is done!

Curling Your Bedroom Through Minimalist Decor.

You have undoubtedly crossed a milestone after refurbishing your living room. Now is the time to make your bedroom look amazing. Sometimes, we forget the sole purpose of our bedroom. It is not only for the rest period but those beautiful moments where we sew the memories and dreams, of course!

Let us start now without being philosophical.

1. Bring the Chosen Wall Colour First.

You don’t have to pick the wall colour palette again. Whatever you took for the living room, bring that colour tin here again. Start brushing the strokes lightly and finish it with the roller.

You can use one odd colour on the shorter wall, which complements the other three sides of the room.

We don’t have to discuss it all over again. You are smart so go for it.

2. Lower Murphy Beds Are the Key.

The best part of the minimalist bedroom decor is a comfortable bedding. It is common for people to sleep in Wasabi style, on the floor with it, however, there are still those who need some exposure to wood in their beds. Use murphy beds as a low-sleeping solution, adoring your minimalist home decor.

You can choose the colour among brown, raw wood, white, greys, or even creme. You do not need much creativity here. All you need to do is bring the simplest bedding solution into your interiors.

Murphy Bed with multiple uses

3. Bedside Tables Are a Wise Decision.

Whether you need water bottles at night time or book reading time till you are asleep, you need a bedside table. The utility is the first thing we prioritize in our minimalist decor. You can either have a spacious abstract-designed bedside table or one with storage solutions and even something that has a smooth finish.

For extra colour and vibrancy, you can use the glittery colour bedside table too.

4. Table Lamps and Vases Are Your Besties.

The quick fix for any designer or modular area is the lamps and vases. You can not certainly miss the usage of lamps even though you have tones of natural light and modern lighting solutions. You can use flooring lamps, minimalist abstract lamps, table lamps, or anything that gives your room a quick fix through their illuminance.

A bedroom with white bed cover, wall lamp and a side table with a plant

Coming to the Vases, you can obviously go for cement potteries. The earthen vases and even the ceramic ones are a great way to keep it simple yet adorable. Oh My God, I think there was too much I spoke!

5. Finish It up With the Final Touches.

The final touches always come with abstract art, rugs and some plants. Listen, did nobody ever tell you that these things change the whole vibe of the area no matter how badly you chose interiors? Promise me you will never share this secret with anyone until they do not present you with some Indian delicacy.

You don’t need to pick similar vases or decor items. Instead, you can use your creative mind to fulfil your voids.

Bedroom chest of drawers decorated with objects, plants and mirror

Once you settled the bedroom, let us move to the kitchen, as the Fragrance of spices called us.

Minimalist Decor to Add Aroma to Your Kitchen.

You already know that renovating is not just about swapping the look with something better but a revolution towards changing lifestyle. When you clean your space around and make it look better and clutter-free, your productivity and thoughts will be in your favour. I personally experienced it after my home renovation. I included the kitchen in the last as I did the same, and trust me, at last, you are saved with the bare minimum creativity as you are exhausted from making your home look good. Let us convert our ordinary kitchen to a tasty one through minimalist decor.

1. Give Your Kitchen the Accent That Makes Food More Delicious.

You might have heard a lot about rhyming colours with the vibe, but creating one such is a strenuous task. But you don’t have to worry about it since you got me. Starting with the colour palette again to form the combinations of colours. Remember that we are not negotiating with the connectivity of colours from the living room. Choose a relatable colour theme, and we will further differentiate our minimalist decor through furnishings.

For instance, you plump for a pearly shade in the kitchen or plain white. Let us check in other steps to give it a bona fide look.

2. Experience the Alluring Minimalist Decor by Fusing Your Kitchen With the Dining Area.

There is nothing you don’t understand about this step. All you need to do is extend your kitchen and have a dining platform near a window if you have a small kitchen. For instance, if you have an open kitchen, all you need to do is use your cooking area as a dining area on the other side. It saves effort and space too!

You can use a few wood logs as dining seating or some abstract stools for extending your minimalist decor to this area.

Minimalist kitchen layout with extended platform for dining area

Briefly, you are using the platform in two ways – cooking and eating! However, with modern furnishing, you can hide the stove area while you comfortably enjoy your meals.

3. Enhance Your Minimalist Decor in the Kitchen With a Mini Herb Garden.

Who doesn’t love using fresh basil leaves on pasta or rosemary in the creepiest potato wedges? We all do, so we certainly need a mini herb garden. Add on parsley, mint and even holy basil.

Herb garden near window and Kitchen sink

To your window area, you can adjust a small rectangular pot. And if there is a problem with natural light, you can use white beam light directly on the soil, helping your plants to grow in adverse situations.

4. Make an Informed Choice of Furnishing.

The crucial part of the minimalist kitchen is its accessories. Do you remember why we chose a white look over the bright colours here, in these interiors? Because we wanted our few artefacts or decor items to take away all the limelight. Similarly, you have to stand apart from your kitchen items through your exquisite taste.

Using a bronze or copper tap, a copper vessel or pot, clay utensils somewhere and even dining plates as a medium of trinket in your kitchen is the idea. Next, for lights, the hanging lights over the dining and kitchen stove are the right choice. There is no back-forth here because that is how you get the best out of it.

Brass faucet Kitchen

Congratulations Legend! You finally know how to simplify your living through minimalist decor.

Hey, before moving on to making the shopping list, wait for the easy tricks for a manageable house.

Minimalist Decor: The Takeaways.

The most neglected portion of the whole situation of decor is the storage of brownie points. What is the best way to collocate all the things to make your home look clutter-free? Yes! I am going to throw some light on it.

You already know about storing clothes by categories and frequency of use. But there is always the best way to knock things in your favour. Using a jute and a clothes arranger is my favourite way to keep things tidy. Actually, I found one interesting article on storage techniques. Check it out here for help.

Now that you know everything about minimalist decor, I have just one thing to say to you aloud, GO FOR IT!


Renovating and designing your space may be tricky, but the best part is that it sparkles your personality. You should cherish the 7-10 days spent without being digitally active with your loved ones scratching the walls painting them and designing things to make them from scratch.

I am bidding you goodbye for now and promise you to show my one piece of writing again sooner!

Frequently Asked Questions.

Who invented minimalism?

A post-war art movement, Minimalism emerged in the late 1950s when simplicity in art replaced the gestural artworks of the previous generation. It was in the 1960s and 1970s when several artists backed the revolution, and architects like Ludwig Mies van der Rohe implemented it in design.

What are the characteristics of minimalist decor?

According to Franc Bertoni, minimalist language conveys messages of simplicity, elementary geometric forms, large spaces with minimum objects and furniture, simple materials, cold lighting, and repetitions of structures that represent a sense of order and essential quality.

What is modern minimalist decor?

Modern minimalist decor, as the name sound, is any interior that utilizes new form, is decluttered and have simplicity.

What should be in a minimalist living room?

A muted colour palette, light-coloured furniture, abstract art for texture, and simple lighting can make a great minimalist living room.

What makes minimalist decor unique?

Simplicity and comfort.

What is the opposite of the minimalist style?

Maximalism is the direct opposite of the minimalist style. Unlike minimalism, it uses highly decorative and colourful elements to add vibrancy and creativity to the space.

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