Decorating With Mirrors: 15 Ideas to Preserve for 2024

Mirror decor, though eye-catching, can get repetitive for boring designs. Keep reading to uncover fifteen of the best ideas to keep your space unique and elegant.

Decorating with Mirrors

The other day, I introspected myself after hearing a powerful small-motivational speech on how I handle my anxiety and disappointment when my stress levels almost reached a crescendo. So, I began thinking about what specific thing I do every time when I pass through the immaculate streets of guilt, frustration, and anger. And after giving a lot of thought, I know it now. In exchange for your promise not to ridicule me, I will tell you my little secret! You won’t find me guilt-eating, bashing my teddy, screamin’, or crying, at least not yet. It’ll be cleaning and scrubbing every floor and every item that needs to be cleaned and trying to find new ways of DIY decor. Although I’m not sure if this is healthy, it certainly helps me as it takes my thoughts elsewhere. It was yesterday that I did this stupid physical therapy when I came across an infinite amount of homemade mirrors, which I had to either use or recycle. (Ofcourse, I cleaned my floors, and they are still shining!) Back to the mirrors, I used all of them to create a larger vintage mirror piece to elevate the look of my little restroom. And, just then, I thought to give you a few ideas on decorating with mirrors, which is why this article. 

15 Mirror Decor Ideas That No One Told You About.

1. Placing Mirror in a Sophisticated Maximalism Style.

If you have a maximalist house or mid-century cottage, the best way to elevate your space and make it look more sophisticated is to use an antique golden-framed mirror by your window. I personally think that Timothy Corrigan’s designing and handling of mirrors for decor is best on the internet. So, you can always take inspiration from them. As for this step, try putting an antique mirror in your living area behind your luxurious sofa or nearby windows. But please note that this step is only for those whose spaces follow maximalism or does have a feeling of overdoing decor. In plain spaces, the antique mirror won’t work, and trust me – it will look horrible.

Timothy Corrigan Maximalist Mirror decoration Ideas
By Eric Piasecki / via Architectural Digest

2. Parisian Values.

Nothing is better than learning to handle mirrors from Parisian apartments and chateaus. All those gilded moldings with ceilings and fabulous parquet floors with antique gold trimmings give a fancy yet compelling look. If you want to add a little glimpse of Parisian interiors to your place through mirror decor, then at first, find a good center or corner with a beam to place a big mirror with a golden frame. Now, let’s check for a few tricks to play from its reflection. The first tip is to add a maximalist or modular table in front of this mirror and put an antique sculpture over it so that the sculpture’s reflection is seen over the mirror. The second trick is to place a chandelier in front of the mirror to give the impression that the mirror is occupied by this luxurious item. Also, one of the rarest tips I am about to tell you now is creating a mirror illusion – place two mirrors facing opposite directions in a way that they face each other. Now, for one mirror, use an antique or sculpture for reflection. Ensure you are not directly putting a source of light in front of them.

Decorating with mirrors in Paris style
By Matthieu Salvaing / via Architectural Digest

3. Play Around With French Distressed Antique Mirror.

One of the most inventive ways to decorating with mirrors is through a French distressed antique one. Now, it might look simple or sophisticated, which it is, but you have to keep the right things in your mind. For instance, pick the correct one and then find a good location for it. One of the things to note here is trying to focus on one type or no reflection at all. This type of mirror is best if your space adores a minimalist or rustic decor. Additionally, if your home has a long staircase, then these mirrors are the perfect solution. But make sure there aren’t any spooky spirits in your home that could cause you to be scared by its reflection on these ghastly surfaces.

French Distressed Antique Mirror Decor Ideas
By Crazy Mary Revista

4. Using Paneled Wall Mirrors for Versatility.

Mirror decor can often be confusing with so many variations in the types of mirrors. But the good part is that there are unique options for everyone, which makes me add this point to the list. For some of us, the simple and elegant way to organize our homes is by using appropriate furnishings just as needed. So, for them, the paneled wall mirror is the best way to rejuvenate your space. For instance, if you have a tiny collection of books over the shelf and a few artisanal sculptures or clay candle holders, then using this paneled wall mirror behind them is a great way to add a subtle character to the space. Also, you can use distressed wall mirror panels for a vintage look to adore your space.

Mirror Decoration Ideas Paneled Wall Mirrors
By Pottery Barn

5. Add a Statement Through Bold Black.

There are times when all you need to do is add a statement to the space to draw your eye. You can always do so by using an antique or sculpture, but repeating the same tactic can make it look monotonous. So, if you have empty corridors, spaces, or corners, the best way to give it a thrilling look is to put a black mirror on the wall and place a good seating option with a small ceiling lamp. Use it for a good read, coffee time, or simply introspection. Trust me, this is the best way of decorating with mirrors and giving a voice to your empty corners or corridors.

Hallway Mirror decoration ideas
By Tim Lenz / via Architectural Digest

6. Concave Mirrors Are Funny!

For the last five points, we are just talking about minimalism or maximalism decor, but in this step, we are actually talking about the homes that have a mixed culture from everywhere. So, for those, who have empty walls and small spaces, concave mirrors are best. To give an example, I am attaching a picture in this step, showing a rough idea of how to use concave mirrors. If you can add a little bit of heavy drapes, piano, and warm carpets with this concave mirror in your space, then surely it could resemble Vermeer’s art. Similarly, you can also try considering a convex mirror for the purpose of a darker screen, giving a textured reflection to your space.

7. Use Stained Mirrors as Dividers for Functional Decor.

One of the oldest trends for decorating with mirrors was using them as room dividers. This trend fell out of favor with time, but now it is resurging. But this time, it has resurfaced with a little twist. For now, you can use stained mirror dividers, which look classy. If you have an adjoined living and dining room and you want to make a boundary between them, try choosing mirror dividers. Other than stained ones, you can also go for the folding mirror screens in different types, which will not only provide functionality but will also add a touch of luxury to your space.

Antique Mirror Divider Decoration ideas
By Foter Mag

8. Using Different-Shaped Mirrors for a Luxurious Treat.

One of the easiest tricks of using a mirror for decoration is to choose something extraordinary and use it as a centerpiece for your living room wall. It always works for every kind of home for every lifestyle. Personally, I love the Finnish and Danish brands for mirror decor, but very few of them are available for every single country, and of course, they are a bit expensive. (Not to forget, it is all worth it, by the way).

You can simply add an abstract-shaped mirror or curved mirror near your window or balcony wall with a good plant, maybe a ficus, for better reflection. If you have a contemporary, traditional style, minimalist, or industrial interior design, then you can go for Rondo Mirrors. I am adding pictures in every single case for your reference to suit your needs.

9. Justifying a Change With Mirror Collage.

Mirror Collages are something that never gets older in any decor trend. Yes! I love my mirror in my workout space, but I love it even more when it is in unusual spaces. One of the best tricks to use more and more mirrors for decorating your space is employing them in your stairway walls with the black and white and colored old pictures of your loved ones. And yes, kindly choose the pictures from your funniest and happiest vacations only, showing you the best times in every weather.

The next better tip to mirror decor is to use different shapes of the mirror, like square, oval, and rectangular of variable sizes for your dining corridors, giving you a lavish space vibe.

10. Mirrors for Perfect Eyeliners.

I typically use a mirror to check if my eyeliner hasn’t smudged or my lipgloss hasn’t dried out. I never use mirrors to apply them; that’s a talent! Sometimes, I feel standing dressing mirrors are far better, which is why I am adding this unique mirror to this list of decorating with mirrors. The term “decorating” doesn’t mean just adding stuff to your home. For me, utility-based or functional decor is the best option. So, the people who kinda feel the same as me can go for this exclusive shelf-attached mirror for bedrooms or dressing rooms, which will not only look good but be of quite good usage. Also, using them in the entranceways with your small succulent or cacti collection over the shelf can do wonders for your interior decor.

11. Feng-Shui for the Entry Way Mirrors.

In the previous point, I have already given you the idea of using mirrors at the entrance. We are taking a closer look at the idea. As I said, you can use functional decor to make the space just right for you. Adding to that point, you can always use entryway mirrors for your last-minute touch-ups to your look. Additionally, the tiny potters can have their own space so that they won’t get lost among the large plants if you are getting a shelf mirror. In addition, this tip is great from a vastu and a feng shui perspective. Just remember that the mirror must not be opposite to your entrance. To make your entry unique, you can always choose a mirror with an unusual shape, like the melting mirror. Also, try using a little shelf or table for your small plant century.

12. A Georgian Shape for Your Beautiful Homes..

Dressing mirrors are common and occupy a lot of space. It is therefore a wise decision to use a mirror in a contemporary and appealing style to not only make your interiors functional but also beautiful. One of the best options to do so is using slim dressing mirrors or even irregularly positioned full-sized mirrors. Don’t get confused with the terms as I am adding pictures for your clarity.

13. Using Mirror for Bathrooms in a Different Way.

I feel so appalling sometimes that bathrooms have always been so underrated in terms of decor. However, so much clutter obviously makes it look awful. So, let’s not compromise with its look and find an appropriate decor item, certainly changing the entire look of your bathroom in seconds. The only thing that can do so is mirror, but we are not taking simple or easy mirror cabinets. Instead, let us play with shapes and explore decoration with creativity. To do so, you can obviously use abstract-shaped mirrors or use them over the beam partially. I have added two pictures for clarity.

14. Mirroring Kitchen Space.

The past day, when I was watching upcoming kitchen trends through magazines, I saw one of the best kitchen decor, which can change its entire outlook. Personally speaking- I feel that a minimalist kitchen looks boring, which most people are adopting. For those who don’t like the usual subway tiles or minimalist color palettes for the kitchen, the mirror tiles can work wonders. I mean just look at the glitter. It does go with your silver pots or brass cooking sets amazingly.

Mirror Tiles for Kitchen Mirror Decor
By Heather Clawson

15. Bedroom Florets to Add Texture.

This idea is one of my favorite ones, as it is creative, and adoring and fills the space with so much positivity. With flowers being loved everywhere, bringing them into your room with a sophisticated look without overdoing it with a vase arrangement is a unique idea. One of the best ways to do so is by using a floral arrangement around your mirror. This versatile piece can be used in your bedroom, guest room, or bathroom, adding a sense of intimacy and coziness to any space.

Bedroom Mirror Decor with Flowers
By @anniemescall / via Shopltk

Final Words.

With these amazing ideas of decorating with mirrors, I think I will take a break from this article. Of course, it is not an end because as newer trends and ideas pop out, I am always adding them here so that you don’t follow an outdated trend.


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